“It was the best camp that I’ve ever been to!”

“English? After this camp, it’s a piece of cake!”

“I’ll be back next year for sure! Also the following year!”

“I didn’t expect to meet so many great people!”

“I’ve had the time of my life!”

“I wonder if I can find the right words to describe everything that my son Jakub experienced at these camps… You just have to see and go through it yourself.”

-Krzysztof, Jakub’s father

“English Immersion Summer Camp is always a “must” on our summer plans list. My son again came back from the camp amazed and full of good energy. He was not bored for even a second. All the kids at the camp spend their time in a very active way, despite the weather. The staff are wonderful young people, energetic, enthusiastic, and full of great ideas. We cannot forget about the campsite the Camp is situated at: right next to a wonderful lake. The idea of communicating only in English brings measurable effects: my son is void of shyness and feels very comfortable speaking English. Moreover, my son apart from using the classroom language, started speaking real, everyday English in casual situations! Highly recommended!!!”

-Jola, mama Oskara

“My daughter has been at numerous English Immersion American Camps. At her last camp she actually was 16, a “legal” teenager 🙂 And despite her, like all teenagers, high expectations, she came back as happy as always before. She loved the organization, the activities and the staff. But most of all, these camps organized in Poland, served a better purpose in language development than any camp organized abroad. We truly recommend it!”

-Agnieszka, mama Zuzi

“In my opinion EIAC is great because learning casual English is extremely useful since we usually learn only official English at school. The awesome thing about it is that we can choose from a variety of American and European sports as the camp activities. Hanging out with other teenagers and sometimes native speakers from America is the best way to learn English. There is no way to get bored there.”

-Borys, 6-time camper

“I’ve met Gary a few years ago, through a reference from a colleague, while I was looking for a summer camp for my 10-years old son. Immediately after meeting Gary in person I knew he has that kind of natural mentor and leadership skills that early teenagers value, while Ana was so perfectly organized with all the camp preps that I got full confidence I found what I was looking for. I was right – my son returned from his first Summer camp immediately ready to return to for next round and his little at that time English skills suddenly turned out to be enough to let him initiate basic dialogs with his foreign mates during a vacation trip abroad that we’ve made as a family. My son followed a number of subsequent Summer and Winter camps with Gary and I firmly believe that these camps helped him turn the English lessons from his language school into practical confidence in using what he has learned, even if it’s was basic.

The basis of this belief lies in the way how Gary and Ana run the camps: the immersive approach to English combined with perfect organization and unique skills and personality of Gary. Kids are gently pushed to communicate in English and immediately feel rewarded for doing so. Soon, using English, even the basic, in practice becomes natural and an intangible key to building a relationship with the leader who kids admire. It’s hard to find a stronger emotional motivation for youngsters to step out of the English-lesson box. From the organizational side, kids at camp have literally no time to even think about any boredom. And the American-football-in-the-mud matches spawn epic stories that my son shares with this peers for another several months.”

-Krzysztof, tata Borysa

“It was the first camp ever that my daughter has taken part in. And we already know it was not the last one. Every single minute of the camp was carefully planned and used in a professional way. Julia came back full of wonderful memories and with a bag full of handmade crafts and souvenirs. My daughter joyfully reflects about her incredible time at camp.”

-Marzena, mama Julki

“Gary Kozlowski is a great teacher. He’s been working at our school as a native speaker running conversation classes with our students. He’s full of energy that he spreads everywhere he appears, he’s got a great of sense of humor and plenty of ideas to make students comfortable using English especially through sports and outdoor activities.. Our kids just love his classes and because of that they are more eager to learn English in a natural way.

Last year Gary organized “Green School” trip for our school. It was one of the best getaways ever! The program he came up with was filled with attractive and fun activities and sports run in English by a great team of workers. This great organization and cheerful atmosphere made both our student and their teachers very happy. I truly recommend Gary’s English Immersion Camps and Green Schools.”

-Joanna Nowacka, PSS Niedźwiednik principal

“My kids just love summer camps organized by Gary’s English Immersion company. One of the reasons being the amazing atmosphere, creative activities, very friendly people around (campers and staff) and GREAT food!”

-Małgorzata, mama Jagody i Pawła