Our Fantastic Staff

Our Fantastic Staff:

Gary Kozlowski – Owner/Director

Gary is from Buffalo, NY and has lived in Poland for more than 9 years now and opened EI American Camps in 2011. He has a degree in Psychology from Buffalo State College. Gary became interested on bridging the gap between the methods of Psychology and Education, which was the foundation of starting his business.  Many children have benefited from his work.


   Interesting facts about Gary:

  • has lived in seven different states in the USA and in Poland for 9 years
  • loves playing baseball
  • avid fan of the New England Patriots
  • boasts he has the best cat in the world
  • favorite city to visit is Berlin, favorite place to party is Barcelona
  • Comes from a military family where 4 generations have served in the army
  • after running his first half marathon, now training for a full marathon
  • father is 21 years older than him and youngest brother is 26 years younger
  • first job: Burger King

Anna (Annie) Jasinkiewicz – Associate Director and Coordinator

Annie started working at EIAC since its inception and is the assistant director and coordinator of the business Because of her hard work and creativity, EIAC is the successful business it is today. Annie has worked as an English teacher in PSS Niedzwiednik for 17 years. She has a degree in English Philology, specializing in American Literature from the University of Gdańsk.  Although she loves many American authors, she has an obsession with Scandinavian crime novels. Annie has incredible amounts of energy and is very good with people.


Interesting Facts about Annie:

  • gets her discipline and intelligence from her mom, and her fantastic sense of humor from her dad
  • favorite American city she has visited: Boston
  • a very good distance runner
  • is a book worm who will read anything she can in English or in Polish
  • also an avid fan of the New England Patriots
  • is an excellent swimmer
  • a fantastic cook, would like to open her own bistro when she retires
  • the shortest of all workers at 5’2″ (160cm) but casts a long shadow with her intense personality
  • first job: McDonald’s

Daria – Sport Specialist

Daria is a calm and patient young lady who worked at EIAC in the summer of 2014. The children were able to learn American sports from her, such as baseball and American football. As a matter of fact, Gary was amazed with her, stating: “I’ve never seen a girl throw an American football like that in my life!”.


Fatty – Summer Camp Mascot

Fatty is with us at camp and is an amazing big cat from Utica, NY USA. Although he keeps his education credentials secret, we do have reason to believe he has worked as a food tester in the past where he ate all the food he could.

Fatty’s job is to watch over the children when they go to sleep. He goes from door to door at night to make sure everyone is ok. Fatty is an inspiration to everyone as to how to relax and enjoy life. He has been Gary’s owner for 10 years now.

Fun Facts about Fatty:

  • loves summer far more than winter
  • is supposedly half British Shorthair and looks like Garfield
  • has the ability to nap in 37 different locations around his house
  • loves to chase squirrels at summer camp
  • Only needs 1/6 of light than any other camper needs in order to see clearly
  • has lost 4 kg in 3 years, now a very healthy cat
  • campers are allowed special visits to see him if they speak only English while at camp!
  • worst fear: the local garbage truck