Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If my child is coming for the first time and doesn’t know anyone, will he/she still have fun?
A: Absolutely! EIAC prides it itself in making new friends. Your children will have a new family before they go to bed!.


Q: What happens if my child gets hurt?
A: At winter camp, we have have good contact with the village doctor in case of any minor issues. The hospital in Kartuzy in very close in case of any emergencies.
In summer we have a full time nurse who is on-call 24/7 and takes care of all minor medical problems. In case of emergencies, parents have the option to choose the hospital in either Koscizyny or Gdansk.
All tuition covers medical insurance for all campers.


Q: Where are the camps located?
A: Hotel Marylii in Ostryce, Poland for winter camp
Camping Przywidz 20 in Przywidz, Poland for summer camp.


Q: Can my child come if he/she doesn’t speak English?
A: No problem! Because of our staff to camper ratio of about 8:1, no one is left behind. We do our best to have everyone, regardless of their English level, have as much fun as possible.


Q: What is the policy of electronic devices?
A: EIAC is happy to get away from the “plugged in” society that we endure on a throughout the year. At camp we have a chance to speak with each other and forget about the day-to-day grind. No electronic devices are allowed. Any such devices brought to camp will be taken to the director and given back at the end of the session.


Q: Will I be able to speak to my child?
A: On days 4 and 8 of summer camp, we will have a special allotment of time to call parents. During winter camp, we don’t have such a time since camp is only 6 days. However, if you ever need to speak to your child or check up on your child for anything, please feel free to call our director and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


Q: Can I visit my child during camp?
A: It generally isn’t a good idea to visit your children for many different reasons. It affects the program, it distracts other children, and takes the camper away from the English Immersion experience. If however, you need to see your child, please contact one the camp directors to set up an appointment so we can choose the best time.


Q: Who is the director of EIAC?
A: Gary Kozlowski is the owner and director of camp. He spends time with the children and is in charge of the staff.
Gary has been the owner of EIAC since the autumn of 2010. He has also worked in various day and overnight camps in the United States. He worked as a general counselor, rocketry specialist, sports specialist, and manager. Gary loved camp as a child and adores it even more as an adult.